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Why one should not invest in Direct Equities?

“Shares are a great option to bloom your income”, “Stock Market makes you Rich”, Are you getting these answers from relatives & friends who want you to trade in Shares, then my friend let’s just understand, Why you should not invest in share market.

Investing in a Share Market should never be done because of the following reasons:

☑️ Reason 1: As a newbie, if you just buy shares on the basis of ups & downs in the value of the shares & on the assumptions “k dekh aaj share upar jayega”, then there’s a big NO-NO for this. Before investing in any share, a clear fundamental analysis of the company, how it performs, what are its cash flows, and its financial statements, all play a very important role.

☑️ Reason 2: When you look at the share market as a money-making machine. Share market is not for “Quick Rich Scheme”. It is for those who want to play the big game of consistency & patience. So if you are investing in shares only to get rich & achieve your money dreams, then it’s again a big NO-NO.

☑️ Reason 3: When you invest all your hard-earned money into it. The amount invested in the Stock market should be the one that “if lost” doesn’t bother your livelihood. It doesn’t affect your day-to-day life. If you are planning to invest all your money in Shares, then it’s a big No-No.

☑️ Reason 4: When you borrow money to invest in the share market. Many times, people in the greed of getting rich & make their money double, invest in the share market by borrowing from others. As mentioned earlier, the amount invested in the share market should not be the only means of livelihood, it is also not at all recommended to borrow from others with the hope that you will return them from the profit you will earn, that’s a very wrong approach.

So, with this, I hope that it’s clear, why you should not invest in the Shares directly

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