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Hdfc Ergo Optima Secure

HDFC Ergo Optima Secure Non Medical Expenses Exclusions

HDFC Ergo Optima Secure covers most of the non medical expenses

but still there are few expenses a patient may undergo and excluded from health insurance policy

Here is the summary of non medical expenses not covered under Hdfc Ergo Optima Secure

S.No Item
1Baby Food
2Baby Utilities Charges
3Beauty Services
4Belts/ Braces
6Cold Pack/Hot Pack
7Carry Bags
8Email / Internet Charges
9Food Charges (Other Than Patient’s Diet Provided By Hospital)
11Laundry Charges
12Mineral Water
13Sanitary Pad
14Telephone Charges
15Guest Services
16Crepe Bandage
17Diaper of any Type
18Eyelet Collar
20Blood Grouping and Cross Matching Of Donors Samples
21Service Charges Where Nursing Charge also Charged
22Television Charges
24Attendant Charges
25Extra Diet of Patient (Other Than That Which Forms Part of Bed Charge)
26Birth Certificate
27Certificate Charges
28Courier Charges
29Conveyance Charges
30Medical Certificate
31Medical Records
32Photocopies Charges
33Mortuary Charges
34Walking Aids Charges
35Oxygen Cylinder (For Usage outside Hospital)
38Nebulizer Kit
39Steam Inhaler
42Cervical Collar
44Diabetic Foot Wear
45Knee Braces (Long/ Short/ Hinged)
46Knee Immobilizer/Shoulder Immobilizer
47Lumbo Sacral Belt
48Nimbus Bed Or Water Or Air Bed Charges
49Ambulance Collar
50Ambulance Equipment
51Abdominal Binder
52Private Nurses Charges (or) Special Nursing Charges
53Sugar Free Tablets
54Creams Powders Lotions (Toiletries Are Not Payable,Only Prescribed Medical Pharmaceuticals Payable)
55ECG Electrodes
57Nebulisation Kit
58Any Kit With No Details Mentioned [Delivery Kit, Orthokit, Recovery Kit, etc.]
59Kidney Tray
61Ounce Glass
62Oxygen Mask
63Pelvic Traction Belt
64Pan Can
65Trolly Cover
66Urometer, Urine Jug
68Vasofix Safety

Note: This post has been updated on 11th Feb 2023, for latest list of non medical exclusions please refer hdfcergo website

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