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What is the co-pay clause in Health Insurance?

In health insurance, there is a concept of co-payment. Co-payment simply means that some % of the claim amount is to be born by the applicant & the rest will be borne by the insurance company.

For e.g., Riddhi takes a health insurance policy with a co-payment of 10%. This means that at the time of the claim of say Rs 100,000, Riddhi will pay Rs 10,000 & the rest 90% will be paid by the insurance company. If you opt for this scheme then the premium is less when compared to the policy which pays 100% of the hospital

This might attract you to have this copayment claim but it is not so good as it looks because you have to pay a amount at the time of hospital bill settlement which will be more than the premium saved.

So never fall under the copayment clause of insurance. Co-payments almost never make sense unless you don’t are not getting health insurance without co-pay OR you’re buying it for someone who’s old with pre-existing diseases in which case co-payment clause can bring down premiums drastically.

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