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You may ignore to think of death but you don’t know when it strikes, so give a try and think about DEATH.

Take some time off and think of DEATH

Let’s say, You have dependant parents / just married / have kids

What would they do if you suddenly die? Are they prepared Financially, Emotionally, Physically?

Who will bear monthly expenses, school fees, medical expenses? Will they have the same lifestyle they are having today?

Will your spouse work? If she was a homemaker and never did a job. How easy for her to get a job for survival?

Who will pay Homeloan, Personal Loan, Car Loan and other official and Unofficial loan EMIs?

If you are staying as a joint family with brothers, Will they allow your spouse and kids to say or thrown out? If so, where do they go?

The vacation trips/parties/outings that you use to have with family, will they continue or canceled?

What about Nominations on your old Savings/Investments/Insurances, If you had your Mother/Father/Brother then, have you changed to your Spouse?

It is easy to live like you will not die. It is much worse to die like you never lived! – this is taken from Steve Jobs’s quotes.

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