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  • Why does Sachin Tendulkar (or) Virat Kohli need a coach?
  • Why does PV Sindhu / Saina Nehwal need a coach?
  • If you are a doctor, will you take self medication for all the illnesses?
  • If you are a barber, can you cut your hair on your own?

Just like medication without doctor prescription wont make you recover from illness.

Same way, Investments without consultation of a Professional Financial Planner/Advisor may not provide fruitful yield. Taking self medication to overcome an illness may provide you an instant relief, but in long run it degrade your health slowly.

Yields from Investment takes a pretty long time, So you may not realise mistakes you did in your early earning stages of your life which effects your finances at later stages. Even if you realise, you cant cope up as TIME & MONEY would be lost.

The MOST important factors in Investments are TIME and MONEY. Returns takes the 2nd place.

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