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Ten investment pointers provided by Nick Murray in Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth book:

1) I believe that the fundamental investment risk is not losing one’s money, but outliving it.

2) I believe, therefore, that the only safety lies in the accretion of purchasing power.

3) I believe that the great long term risk of stocks is not owning them.

4) I believe that everything you need to know about the movement of stock prices can be summed up in 8 words: The downs are temporary; the ups are permanent.

5) I process the experience which most people describe as a “bear market” in two different words: big sale.

6) I don’t believe in Individual Stocks, I believe in managed portfolios of stocks.

7) I believe that dollar cost averaging (SIP) will make the dumbest person in the world wealthy.

8) I love volatility.

9) I’m not afraid of being in the next 25% down tick. I am afraid of missing the next 100% uptick.

10) I believe that, prior to retirement, people should own as close to 100% equity as they can emotionally stand. Then, after retirement, I believe they should own as close to 100% equities as they can emotionally stand.

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