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1. The client is going overseas next week, and needs to close the deal early.

What it Means: he needs cash urgently, and you can get a 20% discount with easy bargaining

2. The previous tenant left without completing the term.

What it means: You want to sell because you are not getting a tenant!

3. We do not mind renting it out if we cannot sell it.

What it Means: Oh, Thats the reason it been on rent for the past few years?

4. This area is developing very fast.

What it Means:  Basic infrastructure not available and you can’t leave here right now.

5. The client just rejected an offer for Rs X

What it Means: We were not sure if the buyer had the ability to pay Rs X.

6. Better to buy without a bank loan here.

What it Means: It is a 20-year-old building and the finance companies will not approve loan here

7. It has Park view

What it Means: A dump yard where everything from the local Koli shops to dead dogs are dumped.

8. This house is Close to amenities

What it Means: No peace of mind, polluted, drunken men, late night parties.

9. This ares is close to National Highway

What is Means: Far away from civilisation.

10. It is a very quiet location.

What it Means: Even during daytime you will not be able to get a Auto or Taxi near by!

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