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Lets look at some of the important documents we need to keep them sorted and readily available when in need

Personal and Employment Records
Current CV
Birth certificates
Employment Contract

Money Management Records
Current budget
Recent personal financial statements (balance sheet, income statement)
List of financial goals

Tax Records
Pay slips
Past Income tax returns
Past Income and Liability Declaration forms

Financial Services Records
Bank statements
Cheque Book
Savings statements

Credit Records
List of Credit card account numbers and telephone numbers of issuers
Receipts, monthly statements

Home Purchases & Auto Records
Receipts for major purchases
Owner’s manuals for major appliances
Vehicle service and repair records
Vehicle registration and owner’s manual

Housing Records
Lease agreements
Property tax records
Home repair, home renovation receipts

Insurance Records
Original insurance policy documents
List of insurance premium amounts and due dates
Medical information
Claim reports

Investment Records
Records of stock, bonds, mutual funds, unit trust purchases and sales
Brokerage statements
Dividend records
Company annual reports

Estate Planning and Retirement Records
Pension plan information
Social security information
Trust agreements

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