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The Motley Fool has tweeted a Financial Plan on an index card with following points.(https://twitter.com/themotleyfool/status/629677515200679936).

1)Work in a job that genuinely excites you when you wake up in the morning.

2) Makes sure your material aspirations grow slower than your income. It’s the only way to accumulate wealth.

3) Pay no attention to the Joneses. They’re crying inside.

4) Avoid debt even if you can afford it. It takes away options, which is your most valuable asset.

5) Save enough of your income so you can retire at the age your dad started complaining about his back hurting. You won’t want to work after that.

6) Invest in diverse portfolio of Stocks/Equity MFs, with the intention of staying invested for decades.

7) Dollar cost average (which means SIP) for your entire life and you won’t care what the market is doing.

8) Have enough cash to ensure you’re never forced to sell stocks/Mfs at inopportune times.

9) When in doubt, choose the investment with the lowest fee (which means MFs)

10) Check your brokerage account as infrequently as it takes to prevent rash decisions.

11) Accept that the future will pay out differently than you think it will.

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