Why one should not invest in Direct Equities?

“Shares are a great option to bloom your income”, “Stock Market makes you Rich”, Are you getting these answers from relatives & friends who want you to trade in Shares, then my friend let’s just understand, Why you should not invest in share market.

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Gratuity should be paid to nominee if an employee expires while working and without the need to complete 5years of service

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Prospect: I will require less money after I retire.
Me: Tell me which expense will go down, please? Groceries, Medical, Travel,…????

P: Ok then, How much will I require?
Me: There are no simple formulae

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The majority of the working population of India is young today – between 25 to 35 age group and 7–8 percent of our population is above 60 today. Whereas in 2050, 20 percent of India’s population would be above 60. In 2050 i.e. one in five would be retired. From the following diagram, I found on Google

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